Be kind

Here at Bagoda we believe that we should help people less fortunate than ourselves, and if we are in a position to GIVE a little back then we should do so.


We have selected a charity very close to us - Children with Cancer. I (Sarah) had Hodgkin's lymphoma twice in my early twenties. I was fortunate after a long battle to finally BEAT IT. However, after the aggressive treatment of chemotherapy and eventually a stem cell transplant, I was then diagnosed with ovarian failure at only 26 years of age and advised I’d never be able to conceive children...


Well over a decade on, I’m pleased to say not only I’m a SURVIVOR but I’m also a MUM to two girls!!! Crazy right (?!) Living proof that doctors aren’t always right and you’ve got to KEEP BELIEVING.


Helen and I are both mums now so supporting a CHILDREN'S CANCER CHARITY will be where we start our donations (hopefully as we expand our business we will expand our charities!)


How we work...

For each bag purchase, we DONATE £5 and for each bottle purchase, we donate 5% to our chosen charity - Children with Cancer.  

Read more about the amazing work they do below:

Supporting Children with Cancer UK - log

WHO THEY ARE: In February 1987, leukaemia claimed the life of 14-year-old Paul O’Gorman. Within weeks of his death, Eddie and Marion started fundraising.

Just nine months later, another devastating blow struck the family when Paul’s sister, Jean, was also killed by cancer.

In November 1987, just days after Jean’s death, their parents, Eddie and Marion O’Gorman, met Diana, Princess of Wales. Deeply moved by the double tragedy, she personally helped to establish this charity.

WHAT THEY DO: Their mission is to improve survival rates and quality of survival in young cancer patients and to find and reduce the causes of cancer. They actively fund research to understand the cause and find new ways of treating the young patients, they raise awareness of the disease and provide support to families at such a frightening time for the whole family.


WHY WE LOVE THEM: The effect of this horrible disease is one that is close to our heart here at Bagoda, we know how scary cancer can be especially to young children and their families. As mums, we want the best for our kids and Children with Cancer are actively trying to make a difference for children and their families.