I honestly can’t believe that another year has passed and it’s the first week of 2019, it’s time to reflect on 2018 and start making plans for the year ahead.  

2018 was a year with dramatic ups and downs. In the beginning of the year we experienced a great loss to the family, Andy’s dad lost a short fight to an aggressive cancer, very sad times...we miss you Michael and hope the angels are looking after you. Where there is dark there is light and we’ve had some fabulous moment, our little girl learnt to read, we had our first family holiday, and rather excitingly we launched Bagoda Designs. All in all an eventful year.

As I get older the years definitely go by more quickly, I mean how have we got to 2019 when we only celebrated the millennium a few years ago? This year I will turn 42, which puts me smack in the middle of my mid life crisis, maybe I should add a sports car and a fancy holiday to my list too!! 

Every year I set myself unrealistic goals and I’m always disappointed when I don’t achieve them, so this year I’ve decided to set myself more general life style / wellbeing reminders, things that I can look back on through the year to keep me on track with the type of life I want to be living. 

Be strong

As an ex badminton player for me exercise was training hard to get a sweat on; hill runs, sprints, shadow reps, shuttle runs and the ultimate pain the bleep test! Thinking about it i must have been quite fit back in the day! So when I tried yoga I was somewhat sceptical, thinking it would be a bit zen for me but I have found a class and more importantly an instructor that has made me a yoga convert....this year will be about yoga progression, gaining strength, flexibility and ultimately I’m determined to do a handstand! 

Be fit

I like to feel fit, I don’t need to be super fit and running marathons but if I can get out and do some cardio work it definitely helps my mental well-being and i feel better in myself. My reminder for 2019 is to use yoga to build my strength / flexibility and to compliment with something that will get my heart rate pumping. I’m going start running again using park run (www.parkrun.org.uk) every Saturday and a new challenge for me is cycling. Andy is a big cyclist and he bought me a rather nice bike for my 40th, it’s about time I blew the cobwebs off, watch this space I might even blog some rides.

Be confident 

This is a short one...don’t worry what people think of me, full stop.

Be healthy 

I suffer terribly with migraines and last year I decided it was time to work out the trigger so I sent away for the York test (www.yorktest.com). For those of you who haven’t heard of it the York test is a food intolerance test where you send your blood to be tested against over 200 food types. The results showed I was intolerant to Gluten, milk and yeast. This year I’m going to make a concerted effort to cut these out of my diet again, it certainly helped me feel healthier and more energetic even if it didn’t solve my migraine problem!

Be hydrated

I need to drink more water. I used to be a 2ltr a day girl, I carried a water bottle around at all times, but recently I just haven’t. Various reasons; I used to buy plastic mineral water bottles but due to the impact on the environment and the cost I decided to stop. Since then I have tried many different sports bottles which just don’t seem to make drinking easy! Sounds daft I know I maybe just really fussy. Anyway watch this space as it’s on our list here at Bagoda to develop a good sports bottle.

Be rested

Never underestimate the importance of sleep and rest. I try to be in bed by 11pm and up at 7am for around 7.5/8hrs sleep but my bed time has slipped later later this year as I try to squeeze more time into my evening. This year I want to get this back on track and get more rest.

Be supple

I often forget to look after my skin. When I'm short on time my moisturising routine is the first things to be missed. It has to stop, I’m not getting any younger and my body needs all the moisture it can get! Since being young I’ve used Olay (www.olay.co.uk) on my face, I love it, it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, supple and relatively wrinkle free ( I don’t think I’m doing bad for 40 odd!) On my body I use Palmers Cocoa Butter (www.uk.palmers.com), I once read that it was a favourite of Naomi Campbell’s and after using it I was hooked. Years later it’s still my go to body moisturiser. A little something I like to do to mix it up (if you can mix up moisturising?!) is to use after sun, especially when the days are short. The smell transports me back to memories of longer sunnier days relaxing by sea!  Must remember to moisturise.

Be present

I juggle a few plates, I imagine like many of you out there. I have a stressful job and I run a household which consists of two little girls (aged 6 and 2), a crazy springer spaniel and a partner that travels a lot....my mind races at 101 miles an hour thinking of things I need to do or organise, I’m guilty of not being present much of the time with the children and I want to fix this. I’m going to get much more involved, playing with them rather than putting them off. What is more important, being there as they grow or answering emails on my phone? Mmm, think we all know the answer to this one.

Be balanced

To tie all my reminders together my work-life balance needs to be on point. I know this is never going to be easy especially when we’re setting up and hopefully growing a business. I must remember that the new business is there to eventually provide me with the flexibility to be with my family. Must try to keep the balance! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little reminder list for 2019, hopefully you might find some inspiration for your own to keep you on track in 2019.

Happy 2019, lets make it the best year yet!


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