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Delete really does mean delete

I was tinkering with our first ever blog and I somehow managed to delete it! I couldn’t believe it, it was honestly a head in hands moment and a very stressed out WhatsApp with Helen. Ok I did press delete but I didn’t actually think it would delete the draft as well?  I didn’t have a copy (school girl error!) so I’m starting again from scratch!

Introducing us

A big ‘Hi’ from us Sarah and Helen. We met over 10years ago whilst working at a product development company. We hit it off immediately and even house shared for a few years until we met our now other halves. Helen’s a fabulous creative designer and great with detail and I’m the driving force behind the sales and marketing. We complement each other very well. We always said we’d love to do something on our own to make the most of our combined experience and contacts. The time seemed right to give it a go and with an idea in mind we thought...why the hell not and here we are!!

*Disclaimer: this picture is from quite a few moons ago pre children, we have a few more wrinkles now!

You can never have too many bags! 

Big weekend holdalls, tote bags, cross body bags, bags for the gym, laptop bags, lunch bags, and THAT sparkly bag you bought to go with THOSE shoes! Who ever said they had too many bags...? But when we began to see people struggling to carry multiple bags round, our minds set in motion to come up with a bag that would make things easier for you.

Time to Set Up

Hels and I both LOVE bags and have developed them for some of the biggest retailers in the uk. With experience and contacts we thought it would be easy but as with any start up we had our challenges. 

The bags are complicated and have many specifically designed compartments. Many of the factories we approached just couldn’t achieve the construction or quality we wanted. We eventually found a factory that we were happy with and just as we were about to press the go button, they pulled out. We were devastated (!) it was back to the drawing board. 

After the disappointment we were still determined and decided to pull in a favour from a factory we knew from old and luckily they said they’d help. We were over the moon as they are hugely experienced and their quality is exceptional. We were back on track.

Then we had to set up the actual business, think of a name, design the brand, start a bank account, set up the website and social media accounts. It was exciting times and we have learned a lot.

Positivity and Support

We have received so much support along the way and we had a huge helping hand from my friend and photographer Tim Hardy ( ). He very kindly took the amazing photos you see on our website. Without these we couldn’t have set up the website so a you so a huge ‘thank you’ Tim!

The people and community on Instagram have been amazing too and unbelievably supportive. We’ve had lots of shout outs and positive vibes so ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped spread the word. It honestly does mean the world to us! We've had great fun getting the social media accounts up and running and we hope you are enjoying the content.

THE bags

Our bags combine everything you need to transition you from work to the gym and on to dinner in style and comfort. No longer will you need to struggle with 2 or more bags.

Each bag has been thoughtfully designed to hold everything that you will need throughout a day; a separate padded laptop area (keep your laptop safe), a water resistant pocket (incase you need to store sweaty gear), a shoe compartment (for your heels or trainers), a mesh bottle holder (which keeps your water upright) and pockets you'd normally find in your handbag such as a phone/tech pocket and key holder.

We selected high performance fabrics and components to make them both lightweight and durable and they are sized to fit your work and gym gear to perfection. I also use mine for weekends away as again they are a great size too.

Charity is hugely important. Find out more on our website, but please know that when you buy from us we will donate £5 from every bag purchase to Children with Cancer.

What does the future hold

The bags are hopefully just the start. We are planning to build a premium brand full of quality products that help you, whilst looking fantastic. We’ve got a few products in development that will complement the bags and loads more ideas too. Watch this space.

Come over to the website and see the bags for yourself, we hope you love them as much as we do 


Sarah and Helen 


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