I don't know about you but both Helen and I have very particular other halves (notice I did not refer to them as better halves! ha!). They know what they like and buy what they want, when they want it. This makes a time like Valentines very difficult and we are left scratching our head trying to think of a gift they haven't already bought!

This is why we decided to put together a list of ideas we had. These will hopefully give you some inspiration on what to buy for the man in your life. Both Helen and I have sporty men so here's a collation of what we think they might like this year. We'll start with the most expensive and work our way down.

1. Cycling holiday

Mallorca seems to be the place to go, a quick google will bring up plenty of options to choose from. We like the look of this one brought to you by Stephen Roche ( a true champion of his sport. His holidays cater for all different levels and ages so definitely worth a look. Buy this for him and book yourself too, an instant way to get a break away (genius!)

2. Virtual Fitness

This is a trend that’s hitting right now! For the man with little time this could be something to consider. For the cyclists out there you might want to look at a subscription to zwift ( which has virtual rides, structured workouts or social group rides to enjoy. All for £12.99 per month. You do need indoor bike kit for this so check out what you need before you buy.

3. Weekend Away

This is a great gift especially for anyone with children and would like to gift some quality time together. Price wise, you can spend as much or as little as you want, this is all about getting away from day to day life. We are lucky in this country that where ever you live you don't have to travel far to go camping or to book a weekend spa and there are always plenty of offers on to get the best deal.

4. Wireless Headphones

If he likes music whilst working out, wether that be at the gym or pounding the streets wireless in-ear headphones will make his next workout. These Bose® SoundSport™ Wireless Headphone are sweat & weather-resistant and can be picked up from John Lewis ( for £114.00

5. Sports Watch

Who doesn't want to track their run or ride? A sports watch does pretty much everything from tracking your gps to monitoring your heart rate so brilliant for anyone who's into fitness so they can benchmark each workout. Garmin ( is definitely the brand dominating the market. Do your research for the type of watch that might suit them, Garmin have something for the beginner to the serious enthusiast. Keep your eye on the market as they regularly have sales!

6. Comedy tickets

This is one of my all time favourite gifts at this time of the year. Check out if you have a comedian he likes in town this year. What could be better than spending and evening together in a fit of giggles?!!

7. Off To The Gym Kit 

An essential gift for any gym-goer. Made by Men’s Society ( £25. Fresh from their studio in Norfolk where they design and make every one of their cosmetics and kits by hand.


Cleansing Face Wash. 50ml. 

Shampoo and Body Cleanser. 50ml. 

Hair Wax. 15ml. 

Disposable toothbrush. 

Marvis toothpaste.

8. A Good Book / Magazine subscription

What’s his hobby of choice? Cooking, sports, photography, exploring? One book I can recommend for the runners out there or for someone who is looking for inspiration to get out and run is Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes. What a book!! I read it a long time ago but his story still stays with me, a truly inspirational man.

Or, if reading isn't his thing who doesn’t enjoy flicking through the pages of a magazine? Sign him up for a monthly subscription to his favourite magazine.

9. Technology organiser

This is a must for men who travel. The GiBot Cable Organiser £8.99 has received good reviews on Amazon ( It's made of high quality, lightweight Oxford fabric and the spacious design makes it perfect while on the go. Sounds pretty great so might be worth trying it out if he has lots of tech.

10. Socks

Ok not the most romantic of gifts but everyone needs socks and these Bridgedale socks are amazing ( Whether he's walking/trekking, running or cycling these keep your feet super cosy and comfortable. These guys have along heritage in the sock world and are serious about the quality of their product, love them.

However, if your man is not into the outdoors why not try some happy socks ( These will certainly make him smile.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day,make sure you put down your phone, iPad or laptop and make time for that special someone. Speaking as a person who knows you only get one life, make your time count.


Sarah and Helen x

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